Percampuran vertikal di Perairan Laut Maluku dan Talaud pada bulan Februari 2021

Adi Purwandana, Mochamad Riza Iskandar, Edi Kusmanto, Muhammad Fadli, Priyadi Dwi Santoso, Corry Corvianawatie, Muhadjirin Muhadjirin, Marlin Chrisye Wattimena, Wang Zheng


Vertical mixing in the northern Maluku Sea and Talaud Waters in February 2021. The spatial variability of water mass mixing in the northern Maluku Sea and Talaud waters are presented based on the results of Eastern Indonesia Expedition (EIT) 2021 using RV Baruna Jaya VIII-LIPI. The turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate was obtained using the Kunze-Williams-Briscoe (KWB) Method calculated from CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth) and LADCP (Lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) datasets. We found the dissipation rate in the core layer of North Pacific Subtropical Water (NPSW) and North Pacific Intermediate Water (NPIW) are in the order of 10-6 W/kg and 10-8 W/kg, respectively. The KWB Method used in this study is also proven comparable with the Thorpe Method.


turbulent mixing, Indonesian throughflow (ITF), KWB Method, Thorpe Method


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